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Markas Tavern

Markas Tavern
5 K.Zavitsianou Street, Old Port, Corfu
‎+30 2661 049918

This is a fine choice for lunch or dinner in the old port in the heart of the old shopping centre of Corfu. A tavern with a name linked to an historic unique location.
At the gates of the town port, the English in 1830 built a big covered market, Markas. That was the meeting place for all, where everyone check and buy freshly picked products from the gardens, farmhouses and fish boats. And at the end a cup of wine at the Markas tavern.
More than seventy years have been from market’s bombarding by the Germans and its demolition. Today two Corfiots, George and Maria, with true love for this place and its history carry on the tradition and keep alive the past with their cooking in the “Markas” tavern at the same place that used to be. Between the new fortress and, the old town and historical building you will enjoy authentic Corfiot recipes and seafood, grill and spit, fresh fish, meze, selections with aromatic wine and fresh beer.
Markas is open all day and perfect for group of visitors since it’s located in one of the limited areas in town with accessibility of rural bus and coach transport.