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Napoleontia, a unique theatre show in Corfu. Saturday, September 7 2019, at 9.15 pm

Sep 04, 2019

Napoleontia by Andreas Staikos, directed by Anastasia Koumidou

Mon Repos – Rena Vlahopoulou Theatre

Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 9.15pm

Critics wrote about the show:

“A group of five brilliant theatre actors give breath to Andreas Staikos’ play, under the brilliant

direction of Anastasia Koumidou” Christie Couniniotis, journalist

“The stage direction, a piece of embroidery well-crafted with theatrical imagination, goes

hand-in-hand with the spirit of, the important playwright, Andreas Staikos’ word.” Kostas

Logaras, novelist

“This is a well-designed theatre show, with operatic shades and elegant movement.” Christina

Kokkota, Member of the Greek Theatre Reviewers’ Board

“We discovered a “diamond gem” last Thursday at the Volos Festival! Α well tuned show,

amazing actors and a different fresh viewpoint on Andreas Staikos’ NAPOLEONTIA” (George

Touloumakos, Volos Festival)

Following a very successful run at Epicentro+ Theatre in Patras and an acclaimed performance

at the International Volos Festival, where it has been reviewed as the “diamond gem of the

Festival,” the stellar period comedy NAPOLEONTIA written by the modern Greek playwright

Andreas Staikos, and directed by Anastasia Koumidou, will be performed at MON REPOS

theatre in Kerkyra, for a single engagement on Saturday September 7, 2019 at 9.15 pm.

NAPOLEONTIA is a stunningly smart, well-crafted period comedy that although written in 2007,

its story unfolds during the time of King Otto’s regiment in Greece, in 1833. During that time, the

manners of the West, together with the new King and his entourage, invaded the reality of the

Greek customs and everyday life. Two worlds clashed and coexisted at the same time, fancy

dresses and hats versus the traditional Greek foustanela (the pleaded skirts of the 19c.

warriors), waltzes versus traditional Greek music (tsamika), heighted language versus rural

dialects, enlightenment versus religion. The awarded director Anastasia Koumidou, keeps

working on her favorite era and aesthetics of the Enlightenment Period in Greece. Her aesthetic

viewpoint of the play is filled with music and songs, dances and comic gangs juxtaposing the

historical crossroads of the 19 th century which leads to the 21th century current reality.


The story travels back to Nafplio in 1835. The Giannopoulos family of the Greek diaspora living

in the Italian borders city Trieste, return to Greece together with their ambitious maid Maroulia.

Their daughter, named by her father Napoleontia, offers accommodation and work to an old

warrior of the 1821 Greek Revolution, named Haldoupis. Haldoupis will soon become an exhibit

in the Museum, all the ladies of the family will be in love with the same waltz dancer, and the

maid will be upgraded to a full family member.

On the traces of French writer Marivaux, Andreas Staikos recreates on the stage a hilarious play

criticizing the new social cast and customs of the 19 th century Greece.

Actors (in order of appearance)

Nina Toumazatos, Palaiologos Halidas, Efie Preka

Ioanna Stefanatos, George Katsambas


Playwright: Andreas Staikos

Stage Directing: Anastasia Koumidou

Original score: Paris Paraschopoulos

Lighting Design: Nikos Sotiropoulos

Costume Design: Maria Vassilakis

Movement: Zahari Achileopoulos

‘Napoleontia” Logo: Aris Hathaway

Poster Design: Filippos Botonis | Aris Sobotis

Production Management: Ilia Ragkou

Production: Epicenton+ Theatre

Single performance engagement in Kerkyra: Mon Repos, Saturday, September 7 2019, at

9.15 pm