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Get to know Corfu's unique natural heritage. Feel the pulse of the island, with its strong cultural connections, its devout religious celebrations.

The Roads Of Corfu


Corfu's shopping streets are a mirror of its history and many of the goods you will find on sale there will take you back in time to the Corfiot market-place of the 19th century
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Outdoor Activities

The combination of Corfu's natural wonders, its sea and its history ensure that as today's visitor, whenever you visit the island, wherever you stay, whatever type of person you are, you will find original and interesting ideas for sport and recreation.

Meetings & Incentives

The island of Corfu every year plays host to conferences, seminars, symposia and festivals, with, as their themes, science and technology, sociopolitics, philosophy, ecology, and cultural issues. A large number of the island’s hotels have turned their attention to this type of tourism, offering luxurious facilities at attractive rates.

Religious Tourism

Throughout Corfu you may come across the religious buildings and monuments of various cultures and religions, all coexisting peacefully. This in itself is testament to the multi-cultural nature of Greek society through the ages.


The geographic position of the island, its beauty, the many fine anchorages in the surrounding area, the mild climate and the international airport, all constitute positive factors in the promotion of sailing tourism.