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Personal Affairs Design

Personal Affairs Design
48, Sof. Dousmani str., Corfu 49100
τηλ: 2661048839, 6942058359
Email: ferentinou.design@gmail.com


Handmade artwork in jewelry, objects, paintings

Ascending the steps of Saint Nicholas de Vekia, one of the central gates to enter Campielo, on your right is a gem of Corfu, hidden in the shell of the old town: the Personal Affairs Design is a modest exhibition space of a wide variety of artistic creations. It feels like between a gallery and jewelry, there is something that makes you ponder over whom to get this gift, something that let mesmerised. Engravings, acrylics and watercolors of Corfiot painters, jewelry in silver or gold plated with semi-precious stones – unique creations of Greek artists, extraordinary pieces of Trash and Recycled Art such as dolls and jewelry from recycling materials, the “Plaggones” – girls’ favourite dolls and jewelry since antiquity and the famous “olives” of the sculpture Aggelos Panagiotidis.
The Personal Affairs Design shop gives you an intimate sense, inspired and created by a very talented person. The decorator Maria Ferentinou, created an art space to showcase her choices and creations locally and globally since several pieces of jewelry are unique created by her.