Is not a secret


We all know what happened.
What you faced, how you felt.

Your business shut down, you worked remotely.
You isolated yourself from your friends and your family.
You locked yourself at home. You wore a mask. You waited. Patiently.

But now, it's time to go out again.
After being vaccinated, after being tested and always being concious.
But you will do go out.
You will enjoy it.
Because you deserve it.

You will be with your friends, your family, your loved ones. You will travel. You will enjoy every single moment of it.
Like you once did.
Big moments always needed big celebrations. Memories that will stay with you forever.
Because you deserved it.

But now, you realize that your "big moment" is nothing less but your freedom.
Live these big moments with your loved ones in Corfu.
Because you deserve it.

Come to Corfu. Raise your first glass to your health.
Because you deserve it.

Walk in the countryside, through the villages, through the ancient olive groves, following the routes of agricultural production.
Taste unique local products, meet the producers, enjoy their treats and hospitality.
Because you deserve it.

Join races in magical mountain and old town trails and feel like an ancient god.
Because you deserve it.

Participate in food and wine festivals and experience the benefits of Corfu’s traditional culinary.
Because you deserve it.